Speed Shelf

Foldaway Shelving



  • Highly versatile - more than just a shelf.
  • Instantly folds away if growing plants need extra space.
  • Suitable for most aluminium or wooden framed greenhouses, sheds, garages or conservatories.
  • Flexible configurations accommodate the varying seasonal needs of the greenhouse gardener.
  • Mesh construction allows more light to filter down to lower levels and improves air circulation.


  • Fold shelves down to form climbing trellis for plants such as cucumbers / melons etc.
  • With trays removed plants can be trained and supported through seed tray frame.

Available Foldaway Greenhouse Shelf Sizes:

  • Type A. Small mesh shelf 11” x 47.5” (279 x 1207mm)
  • Type D. Large mesh shelf 15” x 47.5” (381 x 1207mm)
  • Type B. Seed tray shelf 15” x 47.5” (381 x 1207mm) - to take 5 standard seed trays.

Will Speed Shelf Fit My Building?

Speed Shelf will fit virtually all Aluminium greenhouses of an appropriate size, but can be fitted in wooden buildings or to masonry if preferred.

In the case of aluminium greenhouses this is achieved using the fitting system shown in Fig1. Provided your greenhouse has a slotted upright glazing bar that you find in almost all greenhouses, the T-bolt and Nut "d" will fix the angle bracket "a" to the glazing bar and the shelf is simply locked in position by the hinge "b" and fixing "c" (Figure 2). The shelf is then hinged into its horizontal position and held there by the Wire stays "e" (Figure 3).

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 3

If you want to fix Speed Shelf to a wooden or masonry structure instead, simply use the appropriate sized woodscrews instead of the T-bolt and Nut "d"."

Foldaway Greenhouse Shelving
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