Speed Shelf

Two Tier Shelving Units


Very Rigid - Easy to Assemble

  • Two tier adjustable height staging unit.
  • Versatile - free standing Greenhouse Staging or a general storage unit for the Shed, Garage or Home.
  • Shelves can be inverted to create retaining edge.
  • The units have adjustable feet for stability on uneven ground.
  • Available in two sizes for use in small to medium and large Greenhouses, Sheds, Garages and Conservatories.

Ref: Type R (wide unit)

Approx. size: 48” (1220mm) Long x 21” (534mm) Deep x 34” (860mm) High.

Ref: Type Q (narrow unit)

Approx. size: 48” (1220mm) Long x 13” (330mm) Deep x 34” (860mm) High.

These units are easily assembled by lining up the two shelves and feeding the four tubular legs fed through the collars in the corner of each shelf. The height of each shelf can be set independently by tightening the locking screws on each collar. The shelves can be fitted either way up according to preference. The folded edges can act as useful retainers if inverted.


  • Compatible with Type R Two Tier Staging.
  • Add versatility to an already practical staging system.

Easily attaches to existing Type R Speed Shelf Staging - can be fitted in various combinations to provide longer runs to fit any size of greenhouse and in useful configurations to make practical corner units that maximise the use of available space.

Ref: Type SR2

Approx. size: 24" (610mm) Long x 21" (534mm) Deep x 34" (860mm) High.

Two Tier Shelving Unit ImageTwo Tier Shelving Unit Image
Two Tier Shelving Unit ImageTwo Tier Shelving Unit Image

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Two Tier Extension Unit ImageTwo Tier Extension Unit Image